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APB Speaker Ron Suskind’s Life Animated Nominated for an Oscar

Based on APB Speaker Ron Suskind’s book of the same name, Life, Animated is an inspirational movie you won’t want to miss that has now been nominated for an Oscar for Documentary Feature! Directed by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams, Life, Animated has been playing in select theaters across the country.


Celebrating MLK Day & Black History Month: Reflections from APB Speakers

While every MLK day and Black History Month are important, this year’s commemoration is especially significant following the changing tides in American history. American Program Bureau (APB), founded in 1965, is honored to have worked with Rev. King and many of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement from that time to the present.

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A Year of Improvement: Tips from APB Speakers

We care about not only pleasing the audience during a keynote speech, but making a genuine impact on others to change the world for the better. With a new year upon us, our APB speakers are sharing their thoughts on how to take action and improve well-being.

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#Inbound16 Spotlight Speaker: APB’s Tim Urban

Known for his blog Wait But Why, APB speaker Tim Urban understands how to capture an audience’s attention. Urban will be speaking at HubSpot’s #Inbound16, an event meant to inspire and educate marketing leaders as well as help transform their businesses. Last year, there was over 14,000 attendees and even more are expected to participate this year!

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Your Future Matters: Election 2016

With Election Day coming soon, the 2016 Presidential campaigns have been stealing headlines. Trump and Clinton faced off in three debates, yet many are still questioning who they are voting for. We asked some speakers the following question: “What are the important issues surrounding millennials in the 2016 election?”

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During #WorldMentalHealthDay, APB Speakers Have Stories to Share

Mental health is an important part of wellness. In the past, many people overlooked mental health and this led to high rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. During World Mental Health Day, take the next step in your communities’ wellness by learning from our mental health speakers. Mental health is often an invisible disease. It’s time to show those in our lives that they aren’t alone and voices of change are here to help.

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