APB’s Deborah Perry Piscione Releases Highly Anticipated New Business Book, The Risk Factor

Bestselling author Deborah Perry Piscione has released her groundbreaking new book, The Risk Factor: Why Every Company Needs Big Bets, Bold Characters and the Occasional Spectacular Failure. In it, the APB speaker takes a comprehensive look at the crucial, undervalued leadership behavior of risk-taking and outlines how leaders must pivot to support the act across the organization, rather than stifling it.

Quickly becoming heralded as the year’s most important book on innovation and leadership, Piscione’s new look at the culture of how business is being done examines what drives the iconic companies and business leaders of our time. She is currently a Principal at Vorto Consulting and specializes in elevating innovation practices, leadership cultures and talent development for forward-thinking companies. With such a background, this expert on innovation clearly outlines for audiences how organizations can reclaim market presence through taking chances and not fearing the occasional failure.

Deborah Perry Piscione fully customizes her hard-hitting, yet entertaining presentations to focus on the areas of risk that are most important to the audience’s needs. She helps any industry perceive risk in an original way in order to create an environment that supports genius, rather than the generic.

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