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American Program Bureau Commemorates Marathon Monday

On April 15, 2013, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was shaken by the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line. During the city’s time of need, APB stood by the community as did many. Four years later, APB continues to stand by those affected by the tragedy, representing speakers who make us and others stronger.

During #WorldMentalHealthDay, APB Speakers Have Stories to Share

Mental health is an important part of wellness. In the past, many people overlooked mental health and this led to high rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. During World Mental Health Day, take the next step in your communities’ wellness by learning from our mental health speakers. Mental health is often an invisible disease. It’s time to show those in our lives that they aren’t alone and voices of change are here to help.

Preparing for National Recovery, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Month in September? Let Our Speakers Help Say What’s on Your Mind

While it feels that 2016 has only just started, it’s time to start looking forward to the rest of the year. For example, have you thought about the next big event or conference in your industry? Thankfully, American Program Bureau already has. Today we’re sharing six of our reputable speakers who engage audiences with discussions on recovery, mental health, and substance abuse—perfect for October, National Mental Health Awareness Month.

American Program Bureau Commemorates AIDS Awareness Month

December is AIDS Awareness Month, and American Program Bureau would like to recognize the following speakers for their continued advocacy in AIDS awareness. AIDS can affect anyone in a multitude of ways, and is a global pandemic. How can AIDS be addressed? Discussed? Cured? Here are some speakers who can help us get those answers.

American Program Bureau Gives Back This December

As American Program Bureau rounds out its 50th anniversary, APB would like to give back one more time to the charities and organizations the company’s speakers work tirelessly for. Read through each one, and then cast your vote by leaving a comment about your charity of choice on this blog post, the APB social media post, or favoriting/retweeting the message regarding #APBgivesback from the speaker!

American Program Bureau Commemorates Heroes on Veteran’s Day

Over the past 50 years American Program Bureau has worked with a number of veterans who speak on their experiences with audiences. This Veterans Day, as we reach the end of our #50ReasonsWhyAPB, APB reflects back on all of the various voices the company has heard over the years. Voices like our veterans’ will continue to have an important role in our society.

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