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How Much Should You Customize Your Speech?

Read more about customizing speeches and what the “80 – 20” rule is that Dr. Morgan encourages with speechwriting. When all these factors are taken into consideration, you’ll be able to craft a speech that imparts useful and shareable knowledge.

The Three Tasks of a Public Speaker

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “The Three Tasks of a Public Speaker” in this week’s featured blog post. The work of a public speaker is never done. You can never complete...

Five Tips For Effective Communicating

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “Five Tips For Effective Communicating” in this week’s featured blog post! How does a speaker—or anyone, for that matter—express themselves with clarity, authenticity and persuasiveness? Dr....

APB Instrumental in Facilitating Sold-Out Tom Brady Event at Salem State Series

Tom Brady made national headlines last night at Salem State University, and American Program Bureau is proud to have been instrumental in arranging what has quickly become one of the most talked about news stories on the web today. President and CEO Robert P. Walker and COO Andrew Walker met with Tom Brady before the highly anticipated Salem State Series.

American Program Bureau Celebrates Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and throughout APB’s 50 years, the company has stood by speakers who have brought important environmental issues to the public eye. After all, this is the only planet we have, and we need to take care of it. Highlighted are some of our speakers dedicated to protecting what we have.

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