American Program Bureau Commemorates Marathon Monday

On April 15, 2013, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was shaken by the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line. During the city’s time of need, APB stood by the community as did many. Four years later, APB continues to stand by those affected by the tragedy, representing speakers who make us and others stronger.

Jeff Bauman was gravely injured at the Boston Marathon bombing, losing both of his legs along with other serious injuries. Before the bomb went off, Bauman caught the eye of a man dressed in dark clothing, giving Bauman a sinking feeling. It wasn’t until he woke up in the hospital with FBI agents outside the door when Bauman could give a description of the man he saw. Days later, the terror that overtook Boston dissipated and Bauman went from a normal 27 year old to a national hero. His book Stronger retells the experience he shares at speaking events nationwide, a presentation that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Heather Abbott was struck by shrapnel by the second bomb that went off at the 2013 Boston Marathon, severely injuring her left foot. After three surgeries in four days, Abbott faced the agonizing decision to try and save her left foot or have it amputated below the knee. Just four months after, Abbott was living independently, working part time, and getting back to the activities she loved. She’s now a certified Peer Counselor with the National Amputee Coalition, helping other amputees adjust to their “new normal,” as an example of hope and determination. Abbott also shares her story nationwide, inspiring others with her optimism and thoughtful reflection on her journey.

Stories from the 2013 Boston Marathon and beyond bring the community together in moving forward successfully. APB continues to further the conversation on human perseverance in times of tragedy by committing to spreading messages of hope from these inspiring speakers.

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