APB Speaker Ideas for October During National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and while bullying continues to be a serious problem, the steps taken to combat bullying help all of us on this social and emotional learning curve. As various organizations continue to push back against bullying, American Program Bureau has worked with a number of speakers who address bullying, its effects, and provide solutions. Here are some speakers who are all more reasons of #50ReasonsWhyAPB.

The author of the book that inspired the movie Mean GirlsRosalind Wiseman is a parenting and bullying expert, who had only one job since graduating from college—to help communities shift the way we think about children and teens’ emotional and physical wellbeing. As a teacher, thought leader, author, and media spokesperson, Wiseman speaks on bullying and ethical leadership, and is in constant dialogue with educators, parents, children, and teens. A sought-after speaker, her presentations transcend cultural and economic boundaries.

Rachel Simmons is a bullying and leadership expert whose landmark book, Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls shines a light on the rampant bulling that occurs amongst girls. Co-founder of the nationally acclaimed Girls Leadership Institute, Simmons speaks on women becoming more assertive, resilient, and self-aware, offering practical, thought-provoking and inspiring content.

Wade Davis is a former NFL player as well as an advocate and educator for equality, speaking on gender, race, and orientation. In his role as executive director of the You Can Play Project, Davis works to develop curriculum, programming, training, and conversations focused on inclusion and diversity. Speaking on LGBT and sports, inner city youth, masculinity, diversity and inclusion, and sexism, he shares his perspective and experience regarding these relevant topics.

Cynthia Lowen is an award-winning filmmaker and writer of Bully, a feature documentary following a “year in the life” of America’s bullying crisis—one that reveals a problem that transcends geographic, racial, ethnic, and economic borders. Lowen now lectures extensively on bullying, school climate, and culture. Co-author of The Essential Guide to Bullying, Prevention and Intervention, Lowen draws from the book and her film in her keynotes that address this timely concern.

Robyn Silverman is an expert on body image and bullying, as well as a leadership and success coach. After spending more than 15 years researching, writing, and working in the areas of leadership development, character education, body image, and more, she has become the go-to person to advise women’s groups, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, and young people. Silverman believes people are assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed.

Michele Borba is a parenting expert and is internationally acclaimed for her work with children, teens, parents, education, bullying, and ethical development. The award-winning author of 22 books, Borba presents keynote addresses drawing from her books’ content. She offers realistic, research-based advice culled from a career of working with over 1 million parents and educators worldwide. As the conversations on bullying continues, Borba will be there to provide professional insight.

Learn more about our professional speakers on bullying who give expert advice to parents, children, teachers, and advocates on how put an end to bullying in all of its forms.

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