David Epstein Amazes Audiences with his Revolutionary Sports Science Talk at TED 2014

The reaction to APB speaker David Epstein’s talk at TED 2014 was unprecedented! The topic he discussed was seemingly complex to most, but the way he presented his findings on sports science, genetics and athleticism was remarkable.

During his talk on TED’s big stage, Epstein investigated what make athletes faster, better and stronger. Perhaps you think this has to do with evolution or a person’s race or even the amount of time someone trains for a sport. What if we said those guesses are all off?

David Epstein TED 2014
David Epstein TED 2014

Epstein provided mind blowing statistics – such as 17 American men in history have run a marathon in under 2:10, but 32 Kenyan runners from the Kalenjin tribe did so last October. Or if you know a man over 7′, there is a 17% chance he is in the NBA right now – and that the success of an athlete’s abilities comes down to three factors: changing technology, changing genes and changing mindsets. Inspiring the audience to think outside the box, Epstein demonstrated how to identify and foster the unique strengths of every individual to achieve peak performance, enhance productivity and spark innovation.

In all of his speeches, he explains the research from his bestselling book, The Sports Gene, in language that both athletes and non-athletes can fully comprehend. Epstein tackles the great athletic nature vs. nurture debate through a groundbreaking exploration into sports science, specifically looking at the relationship between biological abilities and training environments and how they influence athletic achievements. In addition to his humorous, light-hearted speaking style, Epstein uses Prezi – premium presentation software – which will leave audiences astonished with its stunning graphics!

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