A Good Use of PowerPoint

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “A Good Use of PowerPoint” in this week’s featured blog post.

Dr. Nick Morgan opened up this blog post prefacing that he’s not big on speakers using slides for keynotes, but understands many executives and speakers appreciate the support something on a screen can provide.

He first notes that people connect to picture—not words. Images are stronger than text, and shapes can help connect key concepts visually. He says PowerPoints do not need to be fancy and does not promote learning. However, graphic illustrations, tables, and charts can aid in numbers—but simpler is better. Express one idea on each slide, and don’t use a PowerPoint as wallpaper behind you while you speak. If you do use text, limit it to three bullet points’ worth and stick to a full sentence for a headline in order to make a statement. You can read more about Dr. Morgan’s thoughts on PowerPoints in his full blog post.

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