How Much Should You Customize Your Speech?

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “How Much Should You Customize Your Speech” in this week’s featured blog post.

Dr. Morgan mentions Chris Brogan’s recent blog post about his struggles with writing a new presentation for every occasion versus using a version of the same speech over and over again. What should a speaker keep in mind when preparing similar speeches?

Dr. Morgan notes that every audience thinks their problems are unique, and to address those problems. Additionally, a speaker’s unique perspective can help find the similarity with audiences, which can aid in structuring a speech. Dr. Morgan notes that a client hires a speaker, in part, for their brand—therefore, repeatability is not only okay, but necessary.

Read more about customizing speeches and what the “80 – 20” rule is that Dr. Morgan encourages with speechwriting. When all these factors are taken into consideration, you’ll be able to craft a speech that imparts useful and shareable knowledge.

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