How to Warm Up for a Presentation

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “How to Warm Up for a Presentation” in this week’s featured blog post.

“Most people find these preshow jitters distinctly unpleasant… [others] fare worse; they are so debilitated by fear,” says Dr. Nick Morgan. “A lucky few actually enjoy the experience, using the butterflies to bring them to peak performance,” he continues.

So how can a speaker effectively and efficiently channel the emotions that come before a speech into giving a spectacular keynote? Dr. Morgan suggests focusing on both sides of the adrenaline equation from the beginning, and both your mind and body need to be involved in controlling and channeling this adrenaline. Envision yourself giving the speech, using as much detail as you can. Rehearse the speech in the space if you can, and focus on breathing properly and even undertaking a mild workout. Warm up your voice and hydrate with water, and get a feel for the space you’ll be speaking in if you have the opportunity.

Read more in-depth on these pre-speech tactics in Dr. Nick Morgan’s full blog post.

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