Ebola Strikes the US: Experts Weigh in On What’s Next

With news of the Ebola virus infecting a second Texas healthcare worker, and allegations surfacing regarding hospital protocol and working conditions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been thrust into the national spotlight as the general public and health professionals alike demand answers.

Healthcare experts Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland and Dr. Richard Carmona are two voices to which the nation is turning during this time of peril.

Known for her solid leadership of the World Health Organization during the global battle against SARS, Dr. Brundtland is credited for effectively containing global expansion of the viral respiratory disease. A crisis management expert, she offers solid insight, actionable tools and proven strategies for confronting global epidemics head-on to prevent further outbreaks.

An expert in patient quality and safety, as well as national preparedness for healthcare emergencies, former US Surgeon General Dr. Carmona is sought after for his ability help both health professionals and patients navigate the medical landscape in times of heightened risk. Drawing on his experience as a Special Forces soldier and police officer, Dr. Carmona offers tactics for effective medical care during catastrophic incidents.

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