APB Speaker John Quiñones Hosts New Season of the Hit TV Show What Would You Do?

Have you been keeping up with the hit television show What Would You Do?

APB speaker John Quiñones is hosting a brand new season of the series, which has been breaking ground since 2008! This innovative ABC program, now in its ninth season, uses actors and hidden cameras to create compelling dilemmas and in socially uncomfortable situations capture how people react. What Would You Do? has attracted more 18 to 49-year-old viewers than any other newsmagazine.

In the series, actors play out scenarios of conflict or illegal activity in public settings. However, the focus is on whether or not bystanders intervene and how they take action. Quiñones appears at the end to interview the bystanders about their reactions.

Having grown up in a poor family of migrant workers to eventually become ABC’s first Latino correspondent and a seven-time Emmy Award winner, Quiñones shares his inspiring personal story with audiences, encouraging them to pursue their dreams regardless of socioeconomic barriers. In addition, he shares the powerful stories of the amazing people he has encountered on the show, providing examples of how we can all trust our instincts and believe in ourselves.

WATCH: The What Would You Do? Season Preview.

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