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Preparing for National Recovery, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Month in September? Let Our Speakers Help Say What’s on Your Mind

While it feels that 2016 has only just started, it’s time to start looking forward to the rest of the year. For example, have you thought about the next big event or conference in your industry? Thankfully, American Program Bureau already has. Today we’re sharing six of our reputable speakers who engage audiences with discussions on recovery, mental health, and substance abuse—perfect for October, National Mental Health Awareness Month.

TED 2016: APB Speakers Take the Main Stage to Share Ideas Worth Spreading

February is when the annual TED Conference is held in Vancouver, Canada, where 1,500 people attend talks highlighting TED’s three tenants—Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This year’s conference features three APB speakers: Parag Khanna, Hugh Evans and Tim Urban, who are presenting their “ideas worth spreading,” which is the TED slogan.

MLK Event Recap: APB Speakers Share Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Audiences from across the country heard thought-provoking, heartfelt and fascinating speeches from APB speakers who are committed to carrying on the legacy of the great Civil Rights pioneer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. From racial profiling and its impact to lessons from Little Rock to creating understanding through the principles of MLK and becoming a transformational leader, these topics and others were addressed by APB speakers who inspired and empowered during their MLK Day and Black History Month events.

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