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American Program Bureau Commemorates AIDS Awareness Month

December is AIDS Awareness Month, and American Program Bureau would like to recognize the following speakers for their continued advocacy in AIDS awareness. AIDS can affect anyone in a multitude of ways, and is a global pandemic. How can AIDS be addressed? Discussed? Cured? Here are some speakers who can help us get those answers.

American Program Bureau Gives Back This December

As American Program Bureau rounds out its 50th anniversary, APB would like to give back one more time to the charities and organizations the company’s speakers work tirelessly for. Read through each one, and then cast your vote by leaving a comment about your charity of choice on this blog post, the APB social media post, or favoriting/retweeting the message regarding #APBgivesback from the speaker!

A Good Use of PowerPoint

Dr. Nick Morgan opened up this blog post prefacing that he’s not big on speakers using slides for keynotes, but understands many executives and speakers appreciate the support something on a screen can provide.

American Program Bureau Commemorates Heroes on Veteran’s Day

Over the past 50 years American Program Bureau has worked with a number of veterans who speak on their experiences with audiences. This Veterans Day, as we reach the end of our #50ReasonsWhyAPB, APB reflects back on all of the various voices the company has heard over the years. Voices like our veterans’ will continue to have an important role in our society.

‘Fast Company’ Features Entrepreneurial Advice from APB Speaker Troy Carter

How did APB speaker Troy Carter become the renowned talent manager and successful startup investor he is today? By committing himself to innovation and staying ahead of the game through passion and hard work. Fast Company recently highlighted Carter’s work, showcasing his impressive entrepreneurial skills as well as his knack for discovering and nurturing sensational talent.

APB Speaker Ideas for October During National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and while bullying continues to be a serious problem, the steps taken to combat bullying help all of us on this social and emotional learning curve. As various organizations continue to push back against bullying, American Program Bureau has worked with a number of speakers who address bullying, its effects, and provide solutions. Here are some speakers who are all more reasons of #50ReasonsWhyAPB.

Speaker Diana Nyad is Closing Keynote at the Boston Healthcare Event Planetree Conference

More than 1,000 healthcare professionals, patients and family members are participating in the Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care, held at the Boston Marriott Copley Place in Boston, Massachusetts from October 11-14. With many speakers sharing their groundbreaking insights on healthcare at the event, such as Dr. Kevin Pho, the highly anticipated closing keynote is record-breaking endurance athlete and sports journalist Diana Nyad.

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