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American Program Bureau Gives Back This August

Continuing with American Program Bureau’s 50th anniversary celebration, the company continues to give back to the organizations and charities our speakers vigorously support with their words and actions. As #APBgivesback this August, we’re looking to you to help us decide.

How to Warm Up for a Presentation

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “How to Warm Up for a Presentation” in this week’s featured blog post. “Most people find these preshow jitters distinctly unpleasant… [others] fare worse; they are...

APB Healthcare Feature Story: 50th Anniversary of Medicare

The Social Security Amendments of 1965, or the legislation responsible for Medicare and Medicaid, provided affordable medical care for elderly and low-income Americans. Many of APB’s healthcare speakers can weigh in on this meaningful milestone in the healthcare community.

How Much Should You Customize Your Speech?

Read more about customizing speeches and what the “80 – 20” rule is that Dr. Morgan encourages with speechwriting. When all these factors are taken into consideration, you’ll be able to craft a speech that imparts useful and shareable knowledge.

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