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APB Recognizes National Child Abuse Prevention Month with Inspiring Speakers

April is National Child Abuse Prevention, Welfare, and Advocacy Month. As we determine #50ReasonsWhyAPB has been at the forefront of engaging and important discussion, APB looks to the many speakers who have helped address the challenging social issue of violence. We recognize the courageous speakers APB has worked with over the years.

American Program Bureau Celebrates Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and throughout APB’s 50 years, the company has stood by speakers who have brought important environmental issues to the public eye. After all, this is the only planet we have, and we need to take care of it. Highlighted are some of our speakers dedicated to protecting what we have.

NSBA Conference Recap: APB Speakers on Education

Offering inspirational messages to the NSBA Conference audience, Michael Eric Dyson, Salome Thomas-El, Azure Antoinette, David Pogue and Roland Martin all presented unique content that fostered growth and supported public school boards, their staff and most importantly, students.

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