2012 Presidential Election

As GOP candidates hurtle through the remaining primaries and Barack Obama endeavors to keep a hold of the presidency, media outlets nationwide have regaled us with their coverage of the 2012 election. And thanks to APB speakers’ insights and expository aptitude, we can begin to make sense of – as well as derive some entertainment from – the often turbulent proceedings of this election. The following are brief but enlightening segments of what some of our APB speakers have to say:

As the co-chairman of Maverick PAC (MAVPAC), APB speaker George P. Bush focuses on encouraging young people to get involved in the 2012 election. He says the PAC’s goal “is really to engage younger people in the political process. One way in which we can do that is to get them in front of elected officials, people that are running from similar view points, have a similar philosophy and kind of understand the generational issues that are taking place in D.C., especially with respect to the debt.”

Political strategists and APB speakers Jason Recher and Doug McMarlin recently launched Shepac.com, a website dedicated to the new political action committee by that same name. The brainchild of Tea Party organizer Teri Christoph, political advisor Tim Crawford, and Republican politician Suzanne Haik, ShePAC endorses conservative women running for office and gathers women’s support for the Republican nominee in the presidential election.

Renowned broadcast journalist and APB speaker Dan Rather has been covering the election nationwide on his show Dan Rather Reports. On Piers Morgan Tonight, Rather said “that Romney is likely to be the Republican nominee, but Santorum is now making his fingernails sweat.” While Rather contends that the Massachusetts frontrunner is ultimately the candidate to “bet the rent money on,” he suspects the former Pennsylvania senator is poised for success of his own: “Santorum, in my mind, is basically running to be the vice presidential nominee. And he’s helped himself in recent days.”

Likewise, speaker Mara Liasson covered Santorum’s surprising turnaround and, accordingly, Romney’s new setbacks. Under a sub-headline titled “Running on a Resume,” she voiced many a concern that Romney lacks an actual agenda. “There has been a daily drumbeat from the conservative grassroots all the way to the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal begging Romney to put some meat on the bones of his policy agenda,” she wrote in an NPR article on February 8. “Romney now has two goals: to nail down the nomination and, at the same time, present the country with his own vision,” she concluded.
Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert and APB speaker Jon Stewart have effectively exposed some of the more absurd campaign regulations through their satirical bid for the presidency. Deploying characteristic humor, Colbert transferred control of his Super Pac to Stewart on “The Colbert Report” to a celebratory balloon drop. The ease with which they were legally able to raise $825,000 for the now-defunct campaign illustrates how easily real candidates can skirt financial regulations.
Focusing on the Democratic Party’s offensive, APB speaker John Zogby has been awarding President Barack Obama a letter grade based on his performance each week. A veteran independent pollster, Zogby uses his polling, expert analysis, and interaction with major players to assess how the president is faring. Following the GOP’s primary in Florida, Zogby awarded Obama an “A” explaining that, “Obama watched the GOP search for its soul in Florida as he looked presidential at the State of the Union, talking reduced unemployment, the end of the Iraq war, and tax fairness.”

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