A Better US Education System – Let’s Make it Happen!

The success of tomorrow’s future lies with the children of today. It is alarming to think that each year, more than one million students drop out of high school.  Not only is education a vital step to finding a career path, it is imperative to shaping a child’s self respect, ambition, and social etiquette. Many APB speakers within the educational field are working toward improving the US educational system, each of them contributing in different ways.
In 2010, speaker America Ferrera joined the American Graduate initiative aimed at lowering high school dropout rates. She is a dedicated child advocate and believes “educating a child is not only about them, but the generation that comes after them.” Ferrera often speaks to students about how she is successful because of the education she had growing up. She is scheduled to speak at Bunker Hill Community College on February 16. Her presentation will aim to inspire students to continue their education and give back to the community.
APB speaker Jonathan Kozol has also worked tirelessly throughout his career to improve the United States’ education system. He is devoted to the issues facing the US public school system, in particular the challenges America has with providing equal opportunities to every child. He currently dedicates a considerable amount of time to convincing the senate to reduce unequal opportunities within the public school system.
Likewise, APB speaker Geoffrey Canada, founder of Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City, has also dedicated a large portion of his career to improving underprivileged children’s lives. His groundbreaking work in the 24-block neighborhood in Harlem has now been repeated throughout similar areas across the country. In his presentations, Geoffrey Canada teaches communities about improving the lives of today’s youth and improving their education.
Educator and APB speaker Diane Ravitch is a true leader in education. Her keynote speech, The Death and Life of the Great American School System,addresses the positive aspects of the current system as well as the severe problems the system currently faces.

Bestselling author and youth advocate Wes Moore discusses the issues he faced evolving in a troubled environment as a child. In his keynote address, he states that his mother’s decision to enroll him in military school dramatically improved his fate. He believes that children’s support systems (families, mentors, schools, friends, etc.) have the most lasting impact on their lives.
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