How to Book a Speaker: Do I Need a Speaker for My Event?

Pt. 1: Do I need a speaker for my event?

This is the first installment in a new series on how to book a speaker in which we will guide you through the process of selecting a speaker and bringing him or her to your event. Please call us at 800.225.4575 or contact us on our website with any questions on how to book a speaker.
You’ve decided to plan an event for which you’ll be gathering a roomful of people. Whether numbering 10 or 500, your audience needs to be entertained. So what is the best way to captivate your audience?
As trained professionals, speakers know just how to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences. By bringing a speaker to your event, you add an enriching and memorable component to your engagement that is bound to generate dialogue in your community or organization. You may want a celebrity name to draw a crowd to your event, or you may simply want an authoritative figure not associated with your company to share a message with your organization, which they may more apt to hear from someone outside of your company.

APB speaker Rosie Perez at Bunker Hill College

Here are some questions to consider as you decide whether a speaker is right for your event.

1. First, think about your mission. What is your goal? Do you want to raise funds for your business or nonprofit? Do you want to improve morale within your corporation? Do you want to convince visiting students that your college is an exceptional school? The first step in booking a speaker is identifying the goal you would like the speaker to accomplish. This will bring you one step closer to determining which type of speaker may be best for your event and audience. 

2. Now think about your projected audience. Do you want them to be inspired by a hard-hitting keynote? Do you want them to be on their feet, working with a professional in a workshop?  Do you want them to engage in a lively debate moderated by a panel of speakers? Different speakers present their messages in very different ways. Knowing what you would like out of your speaker will help you narrow the pool of potential presenters, and makes the task of booking a speaker a little less daunting. 

If you’re having difficulty answering these questions, don’t worry. Speakers bureaus exist to help you conceptualize and realize your event. This is what we do, day in day out – match the right speaker with the right event. So if you’re confused, a speakers bureau can help you figure out your mission and objectives.

3. But is a public speaker a good fit for your event? A public speaker isn’t right for every engagement: you might not want someone standing on stage trying to engage attendees during a tug of war at a field day. Here is a handy list of some of the more popular types of events that people hire speakers for:
  • Keynote addresses: Designed to set the tone for the day or to start or end a conference with a bang, a keynote speaker energizes and inspires your audience.
  • Debates and panels: This attention-holding format generates impassioned discussions among participants and audience members, and is a great way to introduce your audience to multiple, often varying viewpoints. 
  • Recognition and Observation Months: From Black History to Women’s History to Breast Cancer Awareness months, speakers honor specific causes or landmark historic events by lending their expertise on the subject. 
  • Seminars and workshops: In these training sessions, audiences interact with experts to gain invaluable information, perspective, and knowledge on a specific topic area.
  • Commencements: A commencement speaker delivers a message aligned with your school’s mission while inspiring graduates to seek success beyond your school’s gates.
  • Community reads and first-year reads: These events enrich the basic writing curriculum and encourage conversation beyond the classroom or library.
  • And many more

Still have questions on whether a speaker is a good addition to your event? We are happy to share our insights on the speaking world with you and to answer any questions on how to book a speaker. Call us at 800.225.4575 or contact us on our website to get started.

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