Keeping Up with New Years Resolutions

A mere two months into 2012, you may find your initial willpower slowly fizzing out when it comes to New Year resolutions. But fear not! APB is here to light your way with our speakers’ inspiring examples.  Whether you hope to achieve personal or professional goals, APB speakers can keep you motivated throughout the year with their stories of determination, dedication, and success.


Slacking on the gym and secretly hoping to spend this upcoming Valentine’s Day drowning in few heart-shaped boxes of chocolates? The following speakers may help you find the incentive you need to stick to your fitness resolutions. Although Olympic diver and author Greg Louganis is best known for being a six-time world champion, his bestselling autobiography, Breaking the Surface, reveals his lifelong fight against depression, a battle he fought by plunging head-first into his athletic endeavors.


As the old adage claims, you are what you eat. In addition to fitness, nutrition is vital for your overall well being. APB speaker Dr. Ian Smith can offer you advice on how to maintain a balanced diet. As the medical/diet expert on Celebrity Fit Club and the founder of the 50 Million Pound Challenge, he will certainly provide you with essential guidelines on how to whip yourself into shape.

Celebrity Chef and speaker Danny Boome can also offer excellent advice on health and nutrition. He is a passionate advocate for healthy eating and provides essential tips for nutrition “on the go.”


Perhaps your company is focusing on reducing its carbon footprint in 2012? APB speaker Van Jones is a globally recognized pioneer of sustainable and clean energy economy. Jones’ efforts in the environmental field have received national media attention from The New York Times, Newsweek, Good Magazine and numerous online forums. As a motivational speaker, he can inspire your employees to work together towards a greener company in 2012.


Likewise, environmental advocate and speaker Alexander A. Likhotal can help your business work on improving its efforts in sustainability. As President of Green Cross International, he has a wealth of environmental and sustainable development knowledge. He specializes in the climate change crisis and sustainable development. Other environmental speakers include David Suzuki and Alexandra Cousteau.

Wong Ulrich

In light of our current economy, many people have focused their resolutions on budgeting and saving money. You may be focusing on saving some cash, or managing your debts. APB speaker Carmen Wong Ulrich is a personal finance expert. She offers the essential coaching you’ll need to fulfill your debt management goals for 2012. Other expert financial speakers include John Dorfman, Maria Bartiromo and Paul Kangas.

By mixing equal doses of persistence and motivation, and adding a sprinkling of inspiration from APB speakers, you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. Linda Armstrong Kelly, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, and Sean Stephenson are additional motivational speakers who will lend you their positive spirit to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution.

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