Philanthropy Speakers: Make a Difference Today

At APB, we are proud to offer a number of philanthropy speakers who share inspirational keynotes that encourage audiences to reach out and serve their communities. With speakers perfect for college, corporate, and community audiences, we can help you find the right speaker for your next event. Here are some of our remarkable speakers on philanthropy

Kathy LeMay, who began her global activism in war-torn Yugoslavia where she worked with women survivors of the siege and rape-genocide camps, has been a social change fundraiser for 15 years, raising more than $150 million in the fields of women’s human rights, hunger and poverty relief, and movement building. She inspires audiences from all walks of life to “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Learn more about speaker Kathy LeMay.

As president and CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone, Geoffrey Canada has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to helping the most impoverished, at-risk youth beat the odds by offering a comprehensive range of educational, social, and medical services. HCZ has become a national model and Canada was prominently featured in the documentary Waiting for “Superman.” In his vibrant, hands-on presentations, he teaches communities about improving the lives of today’s youth, one child at a time. Learn more about speaker Geoffrey Canada.

Oprah Winfrey’s “all-time favorite guest” – one among 30,000 individuals spanning 25 years of the syndicated show – Tererai Trent is the founder of Tinogona (Shona for “It is achievable”) which builds and repairs schools in rural Zimbabwe. With a firm belief that education is the main pathway out of poverty, Trent shares her life story of traveling from Zimbabwe to the US to offer her children a better future and help other women around the world. Learn more about speaker Tererai Trent.

Internationally renowned actress and women’s rights activist Maria Bello is co-founder of We Advance, an NGO based in Haiti that advocates for women in that country to have full political, economic, and social participation. Sharing her mantra of “You serve best by doing the thing you love most” – a philosophy she lived out by gaining a platform for promoting social justice through her acting career – Bello urges audiences to pursue their passions in order to change the world. Learn more about speaker Maria Bello.

Fondly known in Sri Lanka as the “Angel of Galle,” Ambassador Alison Thompson is a full-time humanitarian volunteer and co-founder of We Advance along with Maria Bello. Her documentary film The Third Wave, which chronicles her experience in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, was screened at the 2008 Cannes film festival in a Presidential Jury Screening presented by Sean Penn and Bono. She inspires audiences to take action just as she has: as an everyday, average individual. Learn more about speaker Alison Thompson.

Hugh Evans firmly believes that every individual can take meaningful action to see an end to extreme poverty within a generation. As founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project, he creates opportunities for individuals to take action that will have monumental impact. In 2011, backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GPP leveraged $118 million in new funding for the eradication of polio – a crippling disease that keeps people in developing nations poor. Learn more about speaker Hugh Evans.

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