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Roses are red
Violets are blue
We love our APB speakers
And you should, too! 
In honor of Valentine’s Day, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of the talented speakers we work with here at APB. There aren’t enough hours in the day to name all of the speakers we love so much, but we’ve chosen a handful to share with you.
Coach Herman Boone is more than just a great speaker, he is a wonderful person. He is genuine, kind, gracious, and warm. Working with him is a true pleasure…and I am not alone in my assessment of Herman Boone. APB clients adore Coach Boone as evidenced by a note I received from the host of a recent event. He wrote, “[Coach Boone] was so gracious, engaging and inspirational! I have been involved with our MLK celebration events for over 18 plus years, and Coach Boone without hesitation has been our best speaker yet! He was so wonderful with everyone. You knew right off the bat that he spoke from the heart with sincerity and was able to get his message out as only he can.” Everyone loves Coach Boone and it’s a privilege to represent and work with him.” -Beth, Event Coordinator
Sarah Lacy proves every day that she is one of the brightest stars in Silicon Valley! Her first-hand anecdotes from the cutting edge of worldwide entrepreneurship are like an avalanche of innovation for my clients worldwide. I always know that I’ll receive a call or email after an event where my clients will say, ‘WOW!!!’ Her new tech-blog Pando-Daily is a must-read for the daily pulse of the startup ecosystem!” -Lauren, Corporate Agent
“I dearly love speakers like Mary Frances Berry, Nick Kristof, John Prendergast, Ralph Nader, and many others I have known in my 34 years of work at APB who have put their lives on the line to focus the spotlight on the ugliest parts of human behavior so that I can do the easy thing of taking action to assist the afflicted. Love takes many forms, I have discovered.” -Bob, College Agent
Sam Graham-Felsen‘s always working on something new, which keeps him relevant, and makes sure to keep us updated on his articles, media appearances, etc. He goes out of his way to accommodate as many dates as he possibly can, is generous with his time at events, and never fails to thank us for our efforts. We all know he’ll do a great job no matter where we send him, so it’s a no-brainer to recommend him to as many clients as we can.” -Meaghan, Marketing
“I love Touré – a smart, witty, and insightful speaker with so much to offer. He’s made me think differently about diversity, society, and our roles in the multicultural community we live in. If there’s anyone to help point out the good, the bad, and the absurd surrounding issues of race and identity, it’s Toure. On this Valentine’s Day, let’s all take a moment to share our love of knowledge and information with those who make it possible to learn in a fun, relaxed, and comfortable way. Hooray for Touré!” -Ron, College Agent
“I love sending out Stacey Bess, who consistently touches hearts and minds with her compassion and insights on educating children. I find working with Diane Ravitch fulfilling because she is willing to say, ‘I’ve changed my mind,’ and has ideas about how education can be reformed to help children everywhere. Geoffrey Canada inspires me every day with his commitment to the kids in Harlem and the families that support them.” -Michele, Education Agent
“While an undergraduate in 2001, Rye Barcott founded the nonprofit Carolina for Kibera. Today, this NGO is acclaimed for using a unique model of participatory development to break cycles of violence and develop leaders in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.  Around this same time, Rye was called into active duty as a marine Captain. The reason I included Rye in ‘Speakers We Love’ is that Rye took the time to explore this juxtaposition he found himself in: one of waging peace while fighting war. And it is the juxtaposition which makes Rye unique, distilling in him unique leadership lessons which I have been lucky enough to learn firsthand from him; allowing me to reflect on my own leadership and the effect that I have on others. Many audiences only get one keynote speaker; in Rye you get half a dozen in one: a marine, a humanitarian, a business man, an author, a Harvard MBA, and above all a global citizen.”-Josh, Corporate Agent

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