Spotlight on Keynote Speaker Steve Pemberton

The son of an alcoholic Irish mother and an absent African American father, Steve Pemberton was left to his own devices at an unimaginably young age. A ward of the state, he suffered as the target of his foster family’s every anguish and frustration, growing up in a loveless environment.

Throughout this unhappy childhood, a single question haunted him: Where did he come from? To find the answer, he embarked on a lifelong journey to discover his origins and, more importantly, his place in the world.

Today, speaker Steve Pemberton is a phenomenally successful corporate leader as Walgreen’s first-ever chief diversity officer and divisional vice president. One of Fortune’s Top 20 chief diversity officers and one of Savoy’s Top 100 most influential African Americans in corporate America, Pemberton is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders on matters of diversity and inclusion and its importance to the growth of the American industrial complex.

He recounts his journey from an abandoned child to a happily married father of three in his riveting, inspirational memoir, A Chance in the World. His relentless quest to overcome his setbacks, find his biological family, and right the wrongs of his parents’ past is a model for all families to follow. It is a true testament of faith, fortitude, and forgiveness.

APB is proud to represent this remarkable individual whose inspirational story makes for an unforgettable keynote. A motivational, inspirational public speaker who shares his perspective on issues as varied as diversity in business, keynote speaker Steve Pemberton is perfect for any engagement. Much more than a diversity speaker, he also shares his views on being biracial and taking ownership of one’s life and career. 

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