Spotlight: Patient-Centered Care Speakers

The Internet has given us the remarkable ability to research any symptom from an inflamed eyelid to a sore stomach, allowing us to self-diagnose minor health problems and take action. When eye drops or pain medication won’t do, however, we turn to doctors for their medical expertise. When we do so, it is vitally important we remain active participants in our search for a cure and that we become partners with our medical providers.

APB is proud to represent patient-centered care speakers who have devoted their careers to ensuring that the healthcare industry address patients’ needs and concerns, instead of mindlessly administering procedures and medication without consulting patients.

The following are a few of these speakers on patient-centered care:

The author of Through the Patient’s Eyes, a book on creating and sustaining patient-centered care, speaker Susan Edgman-Levitan has tirelessly devoted herself to understanding patients’ perspectives and tailoring information to their needs throughout her career. In addition to being a speaker on patient-centered care, she is the founding president of the Picker Institute, a Boston-based nonprofit survey, research, and consulting firm that focuses on improving patient and family-centered care. Learn more about speaker Susan Edgman-Levitan.
The co-author of On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industryspeaker Roger Gerard argues that the healthcare industry needs to adopt the principles of lean thinking to become more effective. He is the executive business partner and chief learning officer for ThedaCare, a Wisconsin-based integrated healthcare delivery system. As a patient-centered care speaker and the leading voice of the lean healthcare industry, he teaches organizations how to use lean principles to improve their bottom line. Learn more about speaker Roger Gerard.

After her husband died because he could not get appropriate care for his kidney cancer, speaker Regina Holliday painted “73 Cents,” a mural depicting him dying in darkness surrounded by inaccessible technological tools in a closed data loop. Her artwork inspired a national movement called “The Walking Gallery,” for which medical providers and advocates wear “patient story” paintings on the backs of business suits. A unique speaker on patient-centered care, she heralds her message of patient empowerment and inclusion in healthcare decision making. Learn more about speaker Regina Holliday.

A successful freelance writer and businesswoman, speaker Lee Woodruff saw her life turn upside-down after her husband, newly appointed World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff, was severely injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She recounts how she provided him moral and physical support during his recovery while holding their family together in her New York Times best-selling book, In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing. A popular patient-centered care speaker, she inspires audiences with her caregiving experience. Learn more about speaker Lee Woodruff.

The author of Putting Patients First – which won the ACHE Hamilton Book of the Year Award in 2004 – speaker Susan Frampton is the president of Planetree, a nonprofit that assists health centers in organizing care around the needs of patients. In addition to speaking about patient-centered care, she presents keynotes on designing patient-centered practices in primary care, continuing care, and ambulatory medicine settings for the MGMA, Healthcare Design Symposium, and Veterans Health Administration. Learn more about speaker Susan Frampton.

When two of his young children were diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare and fatal neuromuscular disorder, speaker John F. Crowley quit his job and founded a five-person startup biotech company to zero in on a potentially lifesaving drug. As a patient-centered care speaker, he recounts his story – which inspired the film Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Keri Russell – in touching presentations that motivate audiences to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Learn more about speaker John F. Crowley.

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